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A Couples Retreat

What’s most important when choosing a destination for a couples retreat?

Finding a resort that has both female and male energy. That may sound a little new age, but it’s true! Blackberry Mountain (BBM) is rustic and chic at the same time, which is a difficult combination to pull off, and they do itbeautifully.

What makes BBM different from acclaimed sister property, Blackberry Farm (BBF)?

At BBM,you are up in the mountains; BBF is nestled down in the valley. This drastically different topography and setting really set the  tone. At BBF, you want to curl up by the fire, spend the afternoon in a rocking chair with a good book, take a cooking class, and linger for hours over dinner in the barn. At BBM, however, you genuinely feel called to get out in nature and take a hike, go mountain biking on the many trails, or attend one of the fantastic exercise classes. Finally, thefood at BBM is terrific but not the centralfocus as it is at the Farm. It is more of an amazing fuel for you to enjoy all the activities.Believe me, theyhave nailed the delicious and nutritious cuisine!

What was your favorite element of this weekend getaway?

I love so many things about the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, starting with how easy it is to get there from Chicago! An hour-and-half flight followed bya 20-minute drive, andyou are on the hikingtrails before lunch! The accommodations are fabulous and so chic. But for me, it is the staff and theincredible service that set BlackberryFarm

by Elizabeth O’Connor Cole
Mom of Four, Founder, Salveo Lifestyle