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Shelane Nunnery

Shelane has spent the last 20 years making ‘getting away from it all’ an art form. Her interests are in adventure travel and remote getaways. She specializes in arranging custom trips for those with a sense of adventure who want to travel in supreme comfort. She has spent years researching off the beaten path destinations with luxurious, unique accommodations. Her focus is to create a lifetime voyage that will surpass anything you have yet experienced and believes that travel is as much about discovering yourself and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone as it is about discovering a new place.

Shelane’s interests and specialties range from horseback riding, hiking, cultural tours and luxury accommodations and spas. Areas of expertise range from the Great American West, Bhutan, Northern India, and Africa. She loves the great outdoors, horseback riding, photography and planning the next adventure. She resides in the Chicagoland area.

Shelane has a background in advertising and marketing and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She remains involved in advertising, marketing and planning corporate events such as trade shows and destination meetings for large groups. She specializes in working with discerning, ‘VIP level‘ clientele on both personal and corporate levels. Her enthusiasm, genuine interest in her clients and her attention to detail make her a premier travel advisor who will put your mind at ease and exclusively into your next experience.

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