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Australian Wild Escapes


When we think about Australia, the first images that come to mind for most of us are kangaroos and koalas. While we love these guys, here are a few other things about Australia that make it special:

1.) The most extensive reef system in the world – Great Barrier Reef ! Arguably one of the top destinations for diving enthusiasts, not to mention beach lovers!

2.) The world’s third-longest mountain chain, Great Dividing Range, – offering endless opportunities for hiking and exploring.

3.) An abundance of wildlife: Wandering along the wild coasts of Australia’s finest national parks, a platypus and kangaroo sighting is a near-guarantee. If you find yourself visiting from November to March, you’ll find turtles ashore to lay eggs at Mon Repos, and little penguins waddling nightly onto Philip Island!

4.) Spectacular scenery — a seemingly never-ending coastline – with uninterrupted breathtaking views and one of the few places where rain forest reaches right up to the sea.

Whatever your coastal, forest or wildlife fancy there’s every chance you won’t be disappointed when you visit Australia.