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Bolivia: Soaring to New Heights

I knew little about Bolivia before boarding my flight, but the names, places, and people had always inspired fantasies in my head about this landlocked country up high in the Andes. Bolivia will take your breath away – literally!

Main point of entry, La Paz cumulates world records – highest capital (at 11,800 ft), highest airport, highest golf club, etc. – and offers unique perspectives. El Alto where the working class lives and San Miguel where the wealthy have built gorgeous homes are separated by over 2,500 vertical feet of downtown area with brick homes, colorful colonial streets, and glass towers. 

Next stop: Uyuni and the salt flats, a fairy tale décor that changes with the seasons from the driest desert to the most immaculate watery formations. Hike the cactus-covered island of Incahuasi, spot gracious pink flamingos, and give glamping a try staying in your own deluxe airstream parked in the middle of the highest and largest salt flats in the world.

Way up west, the majestic Lake Titicaca offers pristine waters with the snow-covered Andes in the backdrop. Admire the beautiful basilica in Copacabana, and board a local fishing boat to enjoy lunch on Isla Del Sol, a remote island where time has no meaning and where endemic flowers grow among Inca ruins. For sure one of my most memorable meals. 

Now that you’re at Lake Titicaca, you can either make your way back to La Paz to fly home, or cross the border to magnificent Peru. 

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by Geoffrey Ravoire
Luxury Travel Advisor