Jayme Hood

Born and raised in Dayton, OH, with a degree in Business Management, Jayme worked in the finance industry for six years until she started to feel like something was missing. So, she decided to follow her heart, taking her love of experiencing other cultures and making it into a career in the travel industry. She is thrilled to have joined her uncle, Jeff Hood, on the Huffman Travel team!

Jayme brings fresh passion for travel to the office. She appreciates learning about other cultures and is fascinated by their rich histories, beautiful architecture and profound customs. In her free time, Jayme enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, is a huge sports fan and loves to cook!

Recently Jayme has become Huffman Travel’s newest Disney specialist. She has also taken a deep dive into stunning Spain, visiting Seville, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona!

Jayme sees travel as not only an opportunity to see beautiful parts of the world, but also a chance to experience life from another perspective. She brings that philosophy to her work, as a foundation for the adventures that she and her clients will plan together.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give,

To roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.”

– Hans Christian Andersen