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Soul-Searching in Patagonia

Have you ever wondered if there is a place where mountains are made of water? Look no further than Patagonia where you don’t have to close your eyes and imagine, in order to be transported to a fantastical dreamland! Experience the less explored and off the grid as you immerse yourself in this supernatural destination.



There is something about the shared landscape between Argentina and Chile that brings you closer to nirvana. The variation of landscapes in the Patagonian region will allow you to meander through mossy forests, tromp on horseback through fields of bright yellow lupin, kayak in turquoise lakes with glaciers and hike along its southern lush coastline. Pause and reflect in this unrivaled destination, as your eyes take in this feast of views!


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With the captivating mountains, calm lakes and mesmerizing salt flats, Patagonia offers unending vistas. Where you are drawn here to hike, get closer to the beauty of nature from a glass-enclosed spa or enjoy an evening of local food and wine in a candlelit setting, Patagonia won’t disappoint.


If there is one thing we can guarantee you’ll take away from this vacation, it is this: you’ll feed your inner alma (soul).


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