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“Wherever you go becomes part of you somehow.” —Indian Novelist Anita Desai

Last February, as I was returning home from India, I started reliving my fabulous trip, trying to define exactly what made this particular trip so impactful. Of course I loved the majestic palaces, awe-inspiring scenery, and flavorful cuisine, but I quickly realized it is the people I interacted with while in India who truly changed my perception of the country. Beautiful children playing with cardboard on the streets and laughing with a laugh so pure, the genuine desire to please from the bellmen to the butlers (yet another reason to love travel in India!), and our knowledgeable, friendly guides whose sole objective is to share their love of their country with visitors. India often overwhelms its visitors’ five senses, but it was the people I met along the way that made my experience incredible.

In an age where we are constantly checking emails, liking beautiful images, and searching for the perfect ‘Instagrammable moment,” travel enables us to take a step away from technology and interact on a purely human level with the people around us… human connection is still hard to beat. One of the greatest joys I feel is when a client returns from a trip excited to tell us how they connected with their guide, how they created a bond with a restaurant owner, or how they developed a better understanding – and respect – for a foreign culture.

This connection, to us, is the intangible luxury we try to weave into the trips we plan by incorporating our favorite spots, beloved guides, and candid tips. That’s how we want to nurture our relationship with you. It starts right here, by sharing the personal stories of human connections that follow.

by Shawna Huffman Owen
President & CEO, Huffman Travel 

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